Patient Centered Medicine focuses on the health and wellness of each patient, who is recognized and treated as a unique individual with distinct healthcare needs.

Patient-centered medicine encompasses all facets of medicine and all healthcare providers. Naturopathic, osteopathic, and allopathic medicine are combined to provide patients with the level of medical intervention they need, when they need it. All medical therapies and modalities are utilized in the process of helping restore a patient’s health.

Patient Centered Medicine meets patients where they are at in terms of their individual healthcare needs and, through education, empowers patients by putting their healthcare directives back into their own hands.

Patient Centered Medicine believes that access to quality health care is essential.  In addition to providing health services itself, in order to increase patient access to natural health care, Patient Centered Medicine has brought together a team of professionals that offer services to naturopathic physicians and physicians-in-training to help them establish successful naturopathic medical practices that also offer natural health care services.




For Patients

Patient Centered Medicine’s mission is to meet human beings where they are at in terms of their individual healthcare needs and, through education, empower them to take charge of their own healthcare directives.

For Providers

Patient Centered Medicine’s mission is to help naturopathic physicians and physicians-in-training start successful naturopathic medical practices, so that human beings have affordable access to quality natural health care.




Patient Centered Medicine’s vision is to provide affordable, comprehensive, natural health care that is easily accessible.



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